The Stuntwomen’s Foundation is a Non-profit Organization dedicated to providing Financial Assistance Grants to Stuntwomen who are unable to work due to debilitating illness or injuries. The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, hosts the World Stunt Poker Classic, and welcomes outside sponsorships.


A Brief History

In the late 80’s fellow Stuntwoman, Paula Moody, broke her back in an equestrian accident, went through numerous surgeries, and could never work as a Stuntwoman again.

Annie Ellis, a second generation Stuntwoman, a member of United Stuntwomen’s Association, put on a Charity Stunt Bowl. All the proceeds of this first event went to Paula Moody.

The dream of a Foundation for injured Stuntwomen was born. Richard “Papa” Ellis, Annie’s father, who was also a renowned Stuntman, drew the logo for the event. The “Crazy Guy” logo has become well known in the Stunt community and has been on many items for the Charity Bowls which the Stuntwomen’s Association hosted from 1998 through 2004.

In 2003, the Stuntwomen’s Foundation was Incorporated as a 502(c)(3) Public Charity with California recognized Tax Exempt status, to be separate from any Stunt “group”.

In 2005 The Foundation was proud to present the first “World Stunt Poker Classic”. The event was a huge success, attracting Stunt performers, Celebrities, Professional Players, and other Poker fans!

The Foundation board is represented by stuntwomen from different stunt groups, as well as Independent stuntwomen, for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to Stuntwomen who, by unforeseen emergency, have suffered injury or illness that inhibits them form working.

The “Crazy Guy” logo was created by Richard Ellis with injured Stuntwomen in mind and in honor of Paula Moody and Richard, will follow the Stuntwomen’s Foundation in every fund raiser.